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...just be careful out there on those snowshoes!

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Since I am no longer the ALDHA Newsletter Editor I no longer have an outlet for the really apropos quotes that I find so here goes: talking about snowshoes“Their use in a society that seems to place greater importance on speed, convenience and questionable definitions of economic progress each year might appear to be retrogressive.  Yet, in reality, snowshoeing has maintained its popularity over the years largely because of its efficiency.” From “Walk into Winter- A Complete Snowshoeing & Winter Camping Guide by Gerry Wolfram 1977.
And so, in this holiday season, go out & spend, spend, spend, because, as we all know, he who dies with the most toys, wins.  If you do not detect a heavy dose of sarcasm in that last sentence, go spend a week in the woods & TAKE A HIKE!

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