[Cdt-l] 2017 Eclipse track 8/21/2017

Marcia Powers GottaWalk at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 23 11:48:41 CST 2012

Plan your CDT 2017 now! On our nobo hike, not using either Creed or Anaconda cutoffs, we were in Montana at Squaw Mtn. The eclipse target date is a reasonable goal.

Here's the NASA web site.  The eclipse is August 21, 2017.  The track of maximum totality passes just north of Idaho Falls and almost directly through Casper, WY.  Totality will occur at around 11:40 AM, depending on where one is along the track. 
>> http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEgoogle/SEgoogle2001/SE2017Aug21Tgoogle.html
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