[Cdt-l] designated route mileages

Len Glassner len5742 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 13:23:57 CST 2012

FWIW, two spreadsheets.

The first is derived from segment lengths in the Bearcreek mapbook
table of contents.  It reflects cumulative mileage to common supply
stops.  My current plan is to follow the Big Sky alternate so after
Two Ocean Pass, the cumulative miles don't reflect the designated CDT,
but the data before that may be of some interest.  (I do have another
sheet with mileages for the entire designated route, but it doesn't
have the supply stops marked. I plan to add them.)


The second was generated from Jerry's waypoint PDF.  It's got a
cumulative mileage to every waypoint.  Also, the elevation.  (I've
manage to create an elevation profile that runs parallel to the
waypoints, but it will not upload.)  .But there's nothing in there,
as of now, that explicitly identifies resupply points.


I had to downgrade from xlsx to xls to upload these items, but I don't
think I lost anything that changes the accuracy of mileages.  If
anyone knows of a site that has extensive support for the xlsx format,
please let me know.

I plan to add resupply points to this spreadsheet as well, and the
corresponding Bearcreek/Ley map pages.  If I can figure out an easy
way to do it, I'd like to list the distances from one water location
to the next.  I'm hoping the end result will be a sort of data book
for the designated route.  I'm not a spreadsheet wiz, so this is a
slow process.

If anyone has developed a cross-reference of some or all of the BC and
Ley maps, could you share it?

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