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You could take the Creede Cutoff from the CDT north of Wolf Creek Pass. Grab
a shuttle in Creede back to the CDT/CT at Spring Creek Pass. This is the
route used when the San Juans are too full of snow for comfort.



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I'm thinking that next year, spring of 2013, might be the perfect time for
me to try a serious attempt at hiking the CDT,  I"ll be 64, not getting


This summer I am going to be hiking the CDT between Cumbres and Wolf Creek
Pass.  And maybe even add the section between  Wolf Creek up to Spring Creek
so I would not need to repeat this section in 2013.  


If I get an early start in NM in the spring, is there a lower route around
the South San Juans that would  bring me out at Spring Creek pass? I'm
interested in a lot of road walking- I am looking for some real trails to


Just starting to prepare a possible route, just in case.  


Forgive me- I guess its a bit of  CDT fever.  Often comes on about this time
of year.





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