[Cdt-l] Lower routes Around the San Juans?

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Bypassing the Weminuche Wilderness is bypassing the sine qua non of the CDT. You miss all
the fun of wet willows, obscure tread, distant resupply, and not seeing any
people. Mini Mart

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Is there a lower route to follow from Cumbres Pass up to Creede that  doesn't have a lot of road walking?  >From Creede, up over the saddle of San Louis Peak is an area I don't want to miss and I would hope I could pick up the CDT near San Louis Pass coming up out of Creede and up over the saddle and down into the Cochetopa Hills.
I am not going to be packing crampons or an ice axe- just trekking poles.
I need to go dig out my map for that area......
Baby boomers on the trails- everyone watch out- we are coming!  
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