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Yes and no..... You're of course safer with another hiker and a few hikers.
I hiked the entire BOB-Glacier solo( as well as everything north of Monarch
Pass, CO...) and although many tried to discourage this, I didn't have
another option and I really enjoyed it. I think I developed better senses
as I was constantly listening, looking and being aware. I was awoken by
bears a couple of nights up north, was told by rangers I had camped with
grizz at a couple of sites in Yellowstone (towards the end of a thru hike I
sleep like a log!) and I saw two grizz along the way just shy of Glacier, a
mom-cub or adolescent-adolescent combo. They have terrible vision (like
ours) and even though I had my arms waving and saying "hey bear" they
couldn't figure me out. They stood up, huffed and thats when I backed away.
I had wondered how I'd react when I'd run into them and I think I did well.
I immediately drew my bear spray, raised my arms, calmly responded with a
"Hey Bear", prepared myself to drop to the ground with hands above head but
was fortunate to be able to just walk away, back up the trail about a 1/8
mile to which I walked cross country down hill still making lots of noise.
I also walked with a bell on my poles and although some say it doesn't
work, I stand by my opinion that it does. I spooked a very big bear in
yellowstone. I never saw him, only his massive tracks and I believe if it
weren't for the bell I would have walked right up on his ass.
My recommendation: Keep a clean camp. Hang your clothes for peace of mind.
Hang your toothpaste, chapstick. Don't walk with music...Bears are awesome
and you'll be very happy to see one (assuming it is at a distance!)

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> Okay, so I was just drinking some hot chocolate, dreaming about the CDT,
> and just happened read my first "Grizzly Mauling Story" while browsing the
> cdt-l, and I have to ask. Is it really foolish to hike alone in grizzly
> country? I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes," but should I let that deter
> me from entering one of these areas solo?
> -Flyboxer
> (who would rather box flies than bears)
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