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PeekTrekker4 at aol.com PeekTrekker4 at aol.com
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For a compact, non-SLR, 4-AA  (always use lithiums for hundreds of pics 
from 1 set), 21X zoom, very large  screen (w/no screen surface protection), 
<$300, does some video, but slightly  larger (non-pocket carry) camera, check 
out the Nikon L-120, or the older L-110  (12X zoom & possibly available used 
or rehabed). I'm well aware that most  hikers won't carry a somewhat larger 
camera like this
    I too had a camera that got  totally submerged (in the Middle Fork 
Gila, in high NM snow 2010, w/all of me  attached to it); it dried enough to 
work within a few hours. It didn't survive  falling on it in 2011, but I had a 
$25, 2-yr extended warranty from  WalMart, which got it fixed with no 
shipping charges. The extended warranty on  the L-120 was $35 for 2 or 3 years.
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I have a camera question.  I am looking for a small  compact camera that 
will take short video and has zoom- hopefully a zoom I can  use while using 
the video. 
I do not want a camera that uses rechargeable batteries- I  am looking for 
one that uses plain old "AA" batteries.    
I do not want to mess with a recharger on the trail.   Does such a camera 
Also, I'm not sure what to do about this, but I have been  watching Walking 
the Great Divide with my wife.  She is  beginning to get an idea what thru 
hiking is all about.  She even asked  if I had a trail name which I do- its 
Trew.   This is what my wife  said, "If you want to go, go.  Its ok with 
me."  I have no time to  start a nobo thru hike in April- I will be moving to 
AZ then.   But  If I were to do a sobo hike- when do the slow walkers get 
started?  and  here is the plus I have- I have already hiked from Glacier to 
Lincoln so I  could start in Lincoln and feel confident about the hike.    
I am just dreaming right now.  I have plans to hike NM  in the fall, and a 
nice section of Colo in July.  I am wait until 2013 to  put something more 
concrete together.   
I do need  help finding a camera. 

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