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Mon Jan 16 11:36:42 CST 2012

Dave -

Keith's statement that I "grade" Angels is untrue.  Please read the
response I posted to the list.


2012/1/16 neighbor dave <neighbordave220 at hotmail.com>

>  i signed up to this list just today to respond.
> i will say the keith and mary treated me very well when i stayed there
> last may. i don't have a yogi book so i haven't seen or heard of the
> "grading" thing. good grief really?  w.t.f.? can't believe stuff like that
> goes on and i can fully understand why they have bowed out of their
> angeling postion to some degree. had it been me i would bow out too. now
> hikers who are let into angels homes are grading the angels kindness and
> documenting it to people who write trail guides? if all of this is true,
> it's pretty sad. either stay there or don't, hikers do have a choice.
> they treated me very well, shuttled me all over the land, were kind,
> gracious,inviting, fun people.
> i dunno, that's all i have to say.
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