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i don't know what to say. i like keith and mary, i really don't understand the logic, but hey i'm not the smartest guy in the world either. i feel hikers take too much for granted and i'm sure you know angeling can be tough. life ain't perfect.i will always be very grateful for what keith and mary did for me. real true people, living life the best they know how, and making a true effort to be kind to others.how can something so simple be so complicated, life's problematic enough?i would venture to guess that the people who hike these long distance trails do so to get away from the "politics"of this sort of thing.wishing everybody a happy and healthy new year.signed,lonesome dave ( keith named me that)
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Dave -
Keith's statement that I "grade" Angels is untrue.  Please read the response I posted to the list.

2012/1/16 neighbor dave <neighbordave220 at hotmail.com>

i signed up to this list just today to respond.
i will say the keith and mary treated me very well when i stayed there last may. i don't have a yogi book so i haven't seen or heard of the "grading" thing. good grief really?  w.t.f.? can't believe stuff like that goes on and i can fully understand why they have bowed out of their angeling postion to some degree. had it been me i would bow out too. now hikers who are let into angels homes are grading the angels kindness and documenting it to people who write trail guides? if all of this is true, it's pretty sad. either stay there or don't, hikers do have a choice.

they treated me very well, shuttled me all over the land, were kind, gracious,inviting, fun people. 
i dunno, that's all i have to say.


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