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I wonder if she ever got any positive comments about us to outweigh the negative - I guess all the hiker's that have signed our register are lying since there is not one negative comment in it - you must have to be someone really special to be in her book - why not list the info with a comment of "have had some negative comments here" and let the hikers choose if they want to partake of a certain service? 

Keith and Mary
Deming, NM

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Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . . I did not "grade" Keith, nor do I "grade" any Angels.  

Since Keith chose to post this message to the CDT-L, I feel compelled to reply.  Keith has emailed me several times asking if he is listed in my book.  I always replied that no, he was not in the book.  Last week, Keith emailed again, and here is the response I sent to Keith:
Hello Keith -

Several weeks ago you asked the same question, and at that time I replied that you are not in the book.  I've tried to dodge this subject, but I suppose I should tell you the whole story.  

You obviously have a great passion for helping hikers!  But, I've received mixed reviews from hikers who have stayed with you.  I won't go into details.  I can tell you that when I receive a fair amount of negative comments from hikers about ANY place along the trail, then I exclude that place from my books.  If I *did* include that place, then I would be responsible to print the negative comments.  I'd rather not print negative comments.  For that reason, there are a handful of places along the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail which are excluded from my books.

So, that's why you're not in the book.  It seems like most hikers find you, anyway!

This is a touchy subject.  I'm not intending to be hurtful, but I felt you deserved an explanation.

Thanks for all you do for hikers.  



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hello all
not having known that we were being "graded" by yogi and the hiker's and yogi finally being honest with me about why we are not included in her book - she said that she "received several complaints about me" - I always seemed to get along with the "older" hiker's better - maybe they are more forgiving of my post traumatic stresss disorder - PTSD - we are taking a step back and closing our house to hiker's - we will take a look at how it goes this year and reconsider in '13 - we loved the nobo's - I will still be available to p/u hiker's from bus/train stations and take them to the cheap motel in town and to transport them to the border for $25 a carload up from $20 the last 3 years - we also cache water along the way - I describe the trail from the border to town - several hiker's have done the trail without contacting me so it is possible - there is a bus that goes from deming to family dollar on the border - it's called corre camino's - don't forget the two really great places in town to eat - taco's mirasol for great mexican food and palma's for super italian food

Keith and Mary
Deming, NM

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