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Mon Jan 16 19:04:08 CST 2012

Not for nothing Keith never said he was going to stop being a trail 
angel, only that he wouldn't be hosting hikers in 2012.  His decision 
seems kind of hasty considering he's probably never been in Yogi's book, 
yet hikers still know about him.  Until the past few years most hikers 
that took the Columbus route either stayed in a conveniently located  
motel in Deming, which is a pretty cool town in it's own right, or 
resupplied and hiked on.  It's not that big a deal.

It's Yogi's prerogative to include, or not include, what she thinks will 
best benefit the hiker.  Not having Keith in it, isn't going to diminish 
it's value over the course of the trail.


On 1/16/2012 5:41 PM, david booth wrote:
> If Keith and Mary cease as trail angels then that would be almost as
> bad as the CDTA closing down. Sorry Yogi but you just dont get it.
> Keith is one of the greatest advocates of the CDT. How many people
> just starting out NOBO have been helped, encouraged and guided by his
> years of regional knowledge of New Mexico? I would say hundreds. If
> choosing the Columbus Route, the startup from Deming is easy. Keith
> hosts you for one night, drives you to the border next day, caches
> some water or points out the water sources,  and about two days later
> (or less) you arrive back at his place to stay another night after
> crossing the border zone and passing the blimp. He and Mary are
> located right on the trail and you are off to a great start for your
> hike. They are great people and I trust Yogi will add this comment to
> her guidebook in the next revision. Angels are few and far between
> and when they emerge they are sent straight to Keith and Mary to
> learn the benefits we get and they get from helping the hiking
> community.
> best regards
> Aussie Dave
> Canberra Australia
> PCT, CDT section hiker.
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