[Cdt-l] Question about Pacific Northwest Trail?

Chris Willett cwillett03 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 19:26:45 CST 2012

I hiked the corridor in 2008 and you can see the results here:

To give you the short version: There is no trail, despite what you might
read.  The trail goes past some beautiful areas, but it is not well laid
out and takes some detours of questionable quality. The trail goes across
the grain of the land, so you're not so much going over passes as climbing
between water courses.  The best part of the trail, and one of the few I
would go back to hike, is across the Pasayten and North Cascades. The coast
is also nice.

The Great Divide Trail runs from Glacier north to Robson (or elsewhere). It
is of much, much higher quality and I'd re-do it in a heart beat. There is
no association and it isn't even an official trail any longer (unlike the
PNT). But it is very scenic, takes about a month or maybe two depending on
your pace.  Route finding isn't so bad and you can avoid the worse sections
by making judicious choices. Re-supply is harder than with the PNT, but
after hiking the CDT this won't be a problem, especially if you can stretch
your distances a bit and are not a picky eater. More info is at the link


On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 5:06 PM, Shay Blackley <shayblackley at gmail.com>wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone on the list has completed the Pacific Northwest
> Trail and would be willing to answer some questions that I have.
> I'm planning my CDT hike and I thought of finishing in Glacier and just
> jumping on the PNT and thru hiking that one also.
> I would love to hear how the PNT compares to the PCT (OR and WA sections)
> in comparison to elevation change and trail conditions.
> Thanks,
> Shay "Wander" Blackley
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