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Mon Jan 16 22:24:53 CST 2012

When I arrived by Greyhound bus after nearly two days after countless
transfers, seated next to someone who should have purchased two seats and
having heart palpitations when my backpack went amiss (fortunately found!),
it was a huge relief to see Keith in his tan pickup with four other hikers
hanging out the back. Its also very nice to have someone give you a bit of
a history of the area. In my opinion Deming was not my favorite town on the
trail. It's sprawled out, hot, and four  border patrol took me for an
illegal (actually, that added to my hike, the leader who tracked me for 2
days was shaking his head in disbelief when he caught up to me! Nonetheless
he scanned my id!) My mood was also slightly sour because I was completely
out of shape, sleep deprived, cranky and wearing a starchy new sunshirt...

I am thoroughly thankful for the generosity of Keith's help and kindness. I
think there are alot of people who enjoy Keith's help, and I got all the
info about Keith and the start of the CDT from the CDT-l so regardless if
it's in a guide or not, we will find you Keith!
If someone has an impression of what a trail angel should be, then that's
there own problem. This is generosity to a level I have never seen
elsewhere in my life. All different levels of generosity exist, but to me,
no matter how small or how big the offering it, I am grateful. I will also
say I have been in situations elsewhere where I had to turn down help
because the situation alarmed me so.

Meanwhile, I can understand yogi's side as yogi has extended help like no
other on the trail and I am truely grateful. Her guidebooks, research and
dedication have been remarkable and I savor every effort she puts into them
and leaves out... I have to say, as another solo woman hiker you are an
inspiration yogi! I get alot of questions from prospective hikers and I
tell each one to begin with one of the handbooks. The guides put sense to
something that I couldn't comprehend initially.... (Having flashbacks in my
bedroom back in the spring of 07' when I was planning for the PCT hike!)

I think the only thing Keith could have done better is sent me to the
Mexican restaurant with beer! (The other place has a good chile rellano,
but I damn needed a beer to unwind after the horrendous bus ride and
celebrate the start of my hike!)

Those are my two cents. I couldn't help but add to the drama, but I needed
to stick up for what I believe in.

PS, if people think the trail is drama free, be it in pre-, post- or
on-trail your wrooooong! Its a different sort of drama, a hell of alot
easier than this off-trail stuff, but it exists on every trail. It's a
matter of opinion and social hikers and members of the trail community have
alot of opinions. Nothin' wrong with that in my opinion.

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