[Cdt-l] FW: CDT trail markings...

Jennifer Hanson jennifer.hanson at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 22 07:11:53 CST 2012

I'm torn because I certainly loved the challenge of picking out my own route
thru-hiking the CDT in 1997.  I saw less than a dozen CDT trail markers the
entire way.  On the other hand, it was frustrating as hell to follow a FS
trail, have it wiped out by a clear-cut and waste 30 minutes trying to find
it again on the other side.  In some areas bushwhacking is fine, but in
others it really sucks.  On the other hand (again), I've hiked parts of the
PCT and though the scenery was beautiful, the designated route was so well
defined I felt a bit hemmed in and sort of like "what's the point of hiking
this trail?"  I missed the route-finding challenge/fun of the CDT.

BUT - are we in danger of losing the CDT national trails act protection if
it is not used/established?  Would it matter?  Does the CDT have any hope of
surviving without it?

If we aren't in danger of losing anything by leaving the trail as it is,
then can those 99% go hike the AT or PCT until they are ready for the unique
challenge of the CDT?

Just some thoughts... as I said, I am undecided on this.

Jennifer A Hanson

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