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I agree -- the stack of paper is overwhelming.  The CDT Handbook is more
detailed than it was when Speedstick hiked.  In fact, the Planning Guide
from the current edition is twice as long as the edition Speedstick had
(which I *think* was the March 2010 edition).

It's easy to lay out a table listing which guidebook pages and maps are
needed for the PCT because the overwhelming majority of PCT hikers go
north.  Therefore, my PCT Handbook is laid out for nobo hikers.

The CDT is completely different.  Some hikers go north, others go south,
others flip -- it's a wide-open game.  That's a good thing for hikers, but
poses some obstacles for Handbook writers!

The CDT Handbook has a multi-page grid titled "Mileage & Data Between
Resupply Points".  This grid has pretty much every resupply point listed;
you'll just need to figure out which resupply locations you'll be using,
then tweak the grid to your needs.  For example, the grid lists which maps
and guidebook pages are needed for:

East Glacier to Benchmark/Augusta
Benchmark/Augusta to Lincoln
Lincoln to Helena

If you're not resupplying at Benchmark/Augusta, then you can cross out that
resupply location, then make notations on the grid for your resupply needs;
you'll have East Glacier to Lincoln, followed by Lincoln to Helena.
 There's lots of extra space on the pages for making notes -- the extra
space is intentional.

(yep, the CDT Handbook is there, too!)

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 9:50 AM, Moynihan <mary.moynihan at gmail.com> wrote:

> This game is fun, I'll join too.
> I agree with Gadget on the overwhelming stack of paper that your stare
> wearily at and begin to feel beads of perspiration roll off your temple as
> you try to fit it into a gallon size ziplock. I also will add, watch out
> for paper cuts when your sitting in town folding each map in half, unless
> of course you are crazy enough to fold *hundreds* of pages in half prior to
> the hike.... which I don't recommend because a) you might develop carpal
> tunnel and b) I didn't have a clue how I wanted to it to go together until
> I actually got to the particular resupply. I found yogi's handbook very
> useful, but I did have several questions about this bulging stack of paper
> and how to organize it, which I learned as I went, unlike her PCT
> explanation of organization which covered every detail.
> I think if/when I hike again I'd put my maps in all my boxes. Just make
> sure you send them early enough as some hikers sent boxes to places too
> late and didn't receive it in time. Being priority mail they could have it
> forwarded, but..... If you're a solo hiker you don't have anyone else's
> maps to rely on and don't expect to see hikers for the entire duration of
> trail. (After Salida, CO I saw all of three NOBO thru hikers... and only in
> passing!)
> Also, always nicely ask the PO a second time if they come back empty
> handed the first. Then, if it is still not found, ask when the next
> shipment comes in, walk away and come back when another person is at the
> desk. Ask again. Don't be the jerk of a hiker who makes the PO hate thru
> hikers because your an ass!
> *Doc Campbell's, NM: *(which I have forwarded to Pagosa Springs due to
> fire. Priority will do this for free.)
> *Pie Town, NM:* Yup, I'd do this again, but I'd break up my maps for NM
> here.... a month's worth of maps if heavy!
> *Ghost Ranch, NM:* food.
> *Chama, NM: *Maps, ice axe, cold weather gear.
> *Salida, CO:* Maps.... good place to send as it's a bomber place to stay
> and take a moment to breath and drink a refreshing brew at Amica's! If your
> lucky you'll be able to attend the Whitwater FIBARK event, but catch it at
> the tail end or the hostel will be booked! (I arrived on 19th-20th, June)
> *Rawlins, WY:* Maps. Least favorite town, luckily PO is right on the
> route.
> *Atlantic City, Wy: *Food. This is a neat town and only a couple miles
> off the trail. You can send to the Grubstake store/bar/restaurant or the
> saloon. You can also sleep in a teepee. I'd send my maps here too, just for
> the hell of it.
> *Macks Inn, ID: *There's food here, but expensive. If/when I do it again
> I wouldn't take this route. The Centennials looked gorgeous!
> *Lima, MT: F*ood! No resupply, great hiker box at motel.
> *Leadore, MT: *Maps, food.
> *Benchmark, MT:* Maps, food!
> *East Glacier, MT: *Food, there is a couple resupply options, but
> expensive.
> speedstick
> On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 9:34 PM, Brian Lewis <brianle8 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Okay, I'll play.
>> For my SOBO trip last year I initially planned 6 resupply boxes:
>> Benchmark Ranch in MT,
>> Leadore in ID,
>> Togwotee Mountain Lodge in WY,
>> South Pass CIty in WY,
>> Salida in CO,
>> Pie Town in NM
>> Later in my planning process I looked at the total weight of *paper* I
>> would be carrying out of a couple of trail towns (Wolf, Ley, Yogi, DeLorme,
>> etc) and as a result inserted two more planned boxes, one at Grand Lake CO
>> (after South Pass City, before Salida), and one at Ghost Ranch NM (after
>> Salida, before Pie Town).    Didn't need to send food to Grand Lake, but it
>> was helpful to send food to Ghost Ranch as well.
>> Ultimately I ended up with an ad hoc food box sent to Twin Lakes CO too,
>> so that I could carry a bit less food out of Leadville; CO was kicking my
>> butt to some degree.   As it turned out, the restaurant at Twin Lakes is
>> permanently shut down, and the little store there is trying to take up the
>> slack so there was a little better variety than Yogi's guide suggested.
>>  Offsetting that, however, the store owner considered when I was there
>> (Sept 19) to be the "end of the season" and so wasn't stocked very well.
>> I think you really want a box at each of Benchmark Ranch, South Pass
>> City, Ghost Ranch, and Pie Town --- just nothing to buy at any of those
>> places.   If you go to the Togwotee Lodge (great AYCE breakfast buffet
>> there ...), then I'd definitely send a box there too; you can make do at
>> the gas station mini-mart but I wouldn't be inclined to, for me at least it
>> was a long stretch from there to South Pass City so having a better food
>> selection mailed was preferable.
>> Leadore, Salida, and Grande Lake were more just spacing out the distances
>> so that I got shoes and prescription medication at appropriate intervals
>> and wasn't carrying too much weight and bulk of guidebook & map pages (!).
>> Ditto the comments about Yogi's guide --- you're going for 5 months or
>> so, it's well worth the modest cost to have this information packaged up
>> for you the way she does it.
>>           Brian Lewis / Gadget
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