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Big Sandy is a long drive on dirt roads but the roads are not rough.  Some
of it gets very slippery when wet. It's a huge trailhead and was packed when
we were there last year.  

Another possibility to consider is backing up to South Pass City and hiking
from there.  It is 45 miles to Big Sandy and 71 more to Green River Lakes.
That mileage is on the official CDT route, but there are lots of

The hiking in the Winds is surprisingly easy, much more so than parts of
Colorado. Highest elevations are just over 11,000'.  You can take your time
and do the entire South Pass to Green River Lakes hike in a week.   

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
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""Since you've been there, what is your opinion on driving to Big Sandy in
your own car? They outfitter said the road isn't really all that bad and you
could do it in a small car.""

FWIW, I went to this same trailhead previously.  My friends and I went up
the road in question in a Mazda 626 with no difficulty.

Speaking of The Winds, I will be there at the end of this month for a week.

Taking in some of the CDT, but also doing my own thing and off trail in

Maybe I will see some of you out there.

Paul "Mags" Magnanti
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