[Cdt-l] Montana Wilderness Association accepts bikes on the CDT because the local agency does

Earl Needham earl.kd5xb at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 19:32:30 CDT 2012

Well, this didn't come through very well the first time -- something about
my software not inserting CR/LF when 75+ characters have been typed.

While I have not enjoyed the "friction", I have certainly understood how
most feel. For the record I'd like to say that I would be
happiest if the CDT was hiker-only, or perhaps equestrian-only, but I'd
also be happiest if I had the only car allowed on the highway.
IOW, we all have to learn to improve what we can, and to accept those
things we can t change. We also need to allow everyone to
"march to their own drummer" and not condemn them for it.

Owner of the lightest-weight MagLite ever...
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