[Cdt-l] How to get to Dubois?

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There are two ways to get to Dubois, from Union Pass or from where you cross
Highway 287.  Either way, you must hitch a ride. It's a good resupply after
the Winds heading north or after Yellowstone heading south. Union Pass is a
dirt road but has quite a bit of traffic.  If you hitch down Hwy 287, the
official route through Brooks Lake is a bit closer than Togwotee Pass. The
official route between Union Pass (Lake of the Woods) and Hwy 287 is one of
the most confusing spots on the entire CDT. If you go that way be sure to
take a gps. The Wolf route is less confusing.    

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Sorry for all the questions. I really can't figure this out from the maps.
How do hikers typically get to Dubois from the CDT? I see no trails that are
continuous to where you can get to the spot Jonathan Ley shows. It's really
out of the way from the CDT. I am going to hike with some folks and thought
they said they were going to Dubois but maybe they actually don't go there?
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