[Cdt-l] longest continuous section above treeline?

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Preliminarily then, the CDT wins. I'll have to check the sections Bearcreek referenced, look at the satellite images, and see where the precise bounds might be.

Meantime, can we agree that the Muir Pass area is the PCT's longest such stretch? Or could it be around Forester Pass (or elsewhere)? Anyone from PCTA lurking on this list with a known mileage figure (or one worth figuring out in the name of proprietary pride)?

And of course, the venerable AT's longest section of continuous above-treeline travel is the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I believe that one's around 11 miles, which frankly compares quite favorably to the western two Triple Crown trails, all things considered.

It therefore seems reasonable to assume that the *total* mileage each trail spends in the alpine zone, between end-to-end termini, follows the same pattern: CDT on top, followed by the PCT and then the AT. But let's leave the precise mileage calculations for another day, eh?

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I have only hiked the PCT and none of the CDT. My guess is the CDT  
will have the longer section. I don't think I ever went an entire day  
without starting out or ending up in the trees. Probably the longest  
stretch on the PCT is around Muir Pass/Evolution Valley. I started  
that day in trees and ended it in trees.

On Jul 17, 2012, at 6:14 AM, cdt-l-request at backcountry.net wrote:

> Here's a trail trivia question I haven't seen anyone pose before...
> Of the CDT and PCT (the two triple crown trails with extensive  
> alpine terrain), which trail features the longest continuous  
> stretch of travel above treeline? Just how long is the longest  
> stretch, and where does it begin and end?

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