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On my map columbus07, I do have a note warning people to steer clear of 
the Hyatt Ranch & that they "don't like hikers". I'll have to remove 
that for the next update. I'm sure it was based on some feedback I got 
at some point, and just never updated... Anyway, I didn't use the word 
"hostile", which could imply they would go out of their way to be mean 
to hikers. "hostile" is a loaded word...

On my map Columbus06, I simply have a grey box drawn that shows the 
approx. boundaries of the Hyatt Ranch, with no comment, and a suggested 
route to the south of the boundary.

On map Columbus04, I had this to say more generally about private 
property & ranches in the area:
...Different owners have different opinions and attitudes toward hikers, 
so it's hard to make any generalities, but best to avoid private 
property as best you can. The big concern is that hikers may spook 
cattle. One rancher has this advice/comment: Hikers on foot can spook 
cattle simply by their presence. Heifers will sometimes leave their 
calves causing additional labor for the rancher in getting them to 
"mother back up". I try to educate the hikers and recreationalists to 
walk a wide circle around cattle so as not to spook them. Cattle see 
ranchers on horseback and when something out of the norm comes along 
they will flee. Sometimes if a hiker will stop when they spook cattle, 
the cattle will turn around and look, and then be allright with their 
presence, at which time the hiker may continue without any disruption.

Anyway, I hope someone can let them know these details. We all could use 
as much friendly relations with local landowners as possible.


On 7/19/2012 10:19 AM, Jonathan Ley wrote:
> I don't think I called them "hostile" on the maps...? I'll have to go 
> back and look at that.
> On Jul 19, 2012, at 9:55 AM, Moynihan <mary.moynihan at gmail.com 
> <mailto:mary.moynihan at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Very nice people indeed. I lost my maps for a twenty-mile stretch in 
>> that area. I was backtracking a surplus of bonus miles when one of 
>> the Hyatt's pulled over to help. They said they have helped many 
>> hikers, including giving some a place to camp and to refill their 
>> water bottles. The woman I spoke with had even offered a place to 
>> stay if I couldn't find my way. (She didn't have a clue where the 
>> Hadley tractor tire was, and neither did I, but after another bout of 
>> bonus miles I found it.)
>> Good people. -speedstick
>> On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 7:57 AM, <ks1007 at aol.com 
>> <mailto:ks1007 at aol.com>> wrote:
>>     *I spoke with Ledru Hyatt the other day about the statement of
>>     the hyatt's being "hostile" to hiker's on your maps - he said
>>     that they are not hostile and will help hiker's however they can
>>     but do not want to be listed as trail angels - I have known the
>>     hyatt's for a couple of years and they are extremely nice people*
>>     **
>>     *Keith and Mary*
>>     *Deming, NM*
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