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Is Verizon better than ATT on the CDT. Or does it vary by state or south -
north like the AT?  On the PCT I had ATT and my buddy had Verizon.

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 11:33 AM, Joel Gat <carguy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> > There's a great little motel in Lincoln called the Three Bears Motel.
> Agreed, stayed there a couple weeks ago.
> > They give rides
> > to/from Rogers Pass for $10.
> Maybe it depends on their mood, but I paid $5 for that same service from
> them.
> > We had Verizon service from Rogers Pass and called for a ride.  No bars
> on
> In either direction, a few hours away from Rogers Pass, you also can
> get cell phone service.  I was going southbound and, at their
> suggestion, called them from the top of Green Mountain.  I had 4 bars
> 3G service (VZW) at the top of Green Mountain.  Louanne said it's
> about 3 hours from there to Rogers Pass, but I knew I'd be slower, so
> I asked them to meet me in 4 hours.  Kevin said most hikers take
> 3.5~4.5 hours, so he showed up right about when I showed up.
> Although the distances in town are not far, I couldn't believe how
> awesome Kevin was - we got to the motel and he knew I wanted some
> poweraide, beer, and pizza, so Louanne called in a pizza order for me,
> Kevin drove me to the store so I could get drinks and beer, and then
> he drove me to the pizza place so I could grab my pizza.  Then he
> drove me back to the hotel.  He even offered to drive me to that Jerky
> place (can't recall the name, they have a huge variety and you can
> sample everything) at the other end of town.
> They are awesome.  Plain and simple.
> Oh, and they're dog friendly (two of their rooms are pets-allowed, one
> $55 and one $60/night).  And we all hung out on their swinging chair
> and some other guests came by and made a roaring fire.
> Very cool people.
> Side note, if you don't want to move far while resting their, right
> behind the hotel is a dive bar with a great outdoor deck.  They have a
> couple local (Helena) beers on tap, and make a decent (not great)
> burger, and they're relatively inexpensive.  And did I mention next
> door to 3brs?
> Joel
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