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Steamboat Springs CO:
Western Lodge; $70 about a week ago in July, the lowest in town; owner said that wasn't a hiker discount, and that they didn't give any discounts; didn't seem too interested in hikers; tried to show her husband the Yogi's Town Guide pages for Stamboat.

(right now) Grand Lake CO:
Shadowcliff Hostel is a huge operation, @23/night for a hostel bunk; it's a huge operation, far beyond the 2 (male & female) hostel bunk rooms of 6 beds/3 bunks each; very nice place; when large groups are there, possible, not not free, meals right in Shadowcliff.
Cy's Deli had a very good sandwich; Fat Cat Cafe had very good food, but I'll miss the weekend buffet; Polly's Sweet Shop has real ice cream malts; coffee shop & bakery next - looked good yesterday.
Good ZERO town; the walk uphill and down to and from Shadowcliff will keep your legs loose; the walk up and down the 3 stories of Shadowcliff will also.

On to I-70/Silverthorne, then to Georgia Pass on the Grays-Torreys Route; after that, on to Glacier NP 
Then NM and CO will be done, leaving Stemple Pass MT to S Pass City WY to finish the CDT, next year.

No snow on the CDT in N CO this year; Glacier NP was just above average, so it should be mostly gone by the end of the first week in Aug.

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