[Cdt-l] Canada GDT question

Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 15:31:35 CDT 2012

Hi folks, 
This is a bit of a long shot but Martina and I are coming over to the Canadain Rockies next week for 4 weeks of mountaineering and hopefully a backpack. For the backpack, does anyone have any suggestions for trips up to say 9 days long giving us the best of Canadian Rockies scenery? We are quite happy including scrambling and ridge walking and can probably still do about 20 miles per day -on CDT territory at least!
I have the Great Divide Trail guide and trips that look good from that are from Jasper down to Saskatchewan Crossing, from Field to Assiniboine/Spray Lakes and north from Waterton to say Castle Mountain.
These are all point to point though and would involve some buses or hitching to get back to the start if we left a car there. Any thoughts on these trips or does anyone have other suggestions, even ideally some loop hikes with the same start and finish ?
Brian from Scotland
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