[Cdt-l] Ben's GDT mapset

Travis Naibert tnaibert at gmail.com
Tue May 1 22:04:26 CDT 2012

Hey Ben,

I met you on the CDT just south of Chief Joseph Pass and Darby, MT
last summer. I'm really glad to know you made it all the way up into
Canada. I was definitely not the only CDT hiker impressed with your
massive 2011 itinerary and hiking solo. Kinda made my 2700 miles look
pitiful (though I am still proud of it).

Thanks so much for the GDT mapset, I'll surely be drooling over it in
the coming weeks as I wait for snow to melt around the west. I'm sure
others will greatly appreciate it as well. How early do you think one
could start a SOBO trip back towards the US?

Suspect, PCT09, CDT11, GDT-Future?

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