[Cdt-l] Ron and Wingnut

David Booth david.booth at internode.on.net
Wed May 2 01:05:51 CDT 2012

Both Sam and Keith do a fantastic service to CDT hikers. If you  
decide to hike from the Official Terminus it is more difficult to get  
there and costs more in time and dollars.

I started from Columbus and met Keith for the first time when I  
stepped off the bus at Deming. He has the Columbus route down to a  
fine detail.

He knows the route, water stops, he will cache water on the way to  
the border if you need it, and he even recommends cafe locations and  
may even join you for a meal.

He and Mary welcome hikers into their home. Keith has some rules (as  
all trail angels should) and when you leave his house headed north  
you leave as a friend.

Now Wingnut what's all this about shameless self promotion? Sure,  
Keith is well on the way to becoming a millionaire form donations  
made by appreciative hikers. I dont think so.

He is providing a service and support that dollars can not buy. Its a  
no brainer to start at Deming, stay with Keith one night, Keith takes  
you to the Columbus border next day and in a day or two you are back  
at Keith's place and then you ready to head for Canada.

By all means hike your own hike, but Deming /Keith / Columbus /Keith   
suited me as a perfect start to my NOBO hike.

Aussie Dave
Canberra Australia

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