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Wed May 2 11:42:22 CDT 2012

To talk about the differences of trail angels for the southern terminus is
like trying to compare two donuts at the Sisters Bakery in Oregon. For
example, take the Bearclaw and the Maple Glazed Bar. They both satisfy your
needs, but offer totally different experiences and they vary slightly in
price. Every so often someone gets to the bakery too late and gets a
slightly stale donut and their expectation is not as satisfied as someone
who got their donut fresh hours earlier. Nonetheless both are fantastic and
serve hiker's bellies wonderfully. Unless you've tried both I don't think
it's fair to compare or say one is better than the other. All you can do is
state your experience in an effort to benefit another prospective hiker's

My personal experience involved this: I started at Columbus and between the
dreadful busride from Portland and being smack in the middle of a barren
desert I felt very uncomfortable in my skin. The CDT is no PCT, as all the
CDT thru's have come to find. Keith helped bring a bit of ease to the
unsettled hoard of butterflies in my stomach. He helped cache water and
when he asked if I could find my way back to this point and I replying with
a hesitant yes, he didn't go into a speil about navigating and my
just-barely-capable skills at such a task which would have made me feel
even worse about attempting to thru-hike the CDT by myself.

So, next time I'll try Crazy Cook to switch things up, as the CDT is the
trail we can still make of it what we want. Unlike the AT or PCT, with the
CDT you can hike a totally different trail your second time around. There
is so much freedom (and ease in getting misplaced) that your route will be
completely different if you desire.

PS. And let's not forget about the Pecan Roll up in Stehekin or the Happy
Hour Donuts at Pike's Market in Seattle. 40 cents for mondo donuts! I think
I ate five with a carton of milk in my puny, nearly-there-northbound
thru-hiker body on the green lawn beside the market. Those passerby had
something to gossip about!

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