[Cdt-l] Quick water report

Brooks Wilson wilson.brooks at gmail.com
Thu May 3 15:43:09 CDT 2012

Here is a quick water report from pie town with important ley updates.
Notes from Greg...

Ley 32 note 2 snow lake water off until the summer season, undated.
Memorial day?

Ley 32 note 1 t bar canyon dry, stream north of school canyon 4 to 6 inches

I'd get water from the river over the lake

North of there, It looked easier to follow the canyon to Gail tank then ley
line over the ridge

Ley 30 note 4 don't go cross country, save your feet and take the road, not
easy walkin.

Note 7 water flowing in pools up Cox canyon

Note 2 spring 100 yards uphill, 3 cups a min

Note 3, earthen tank full, greenish and filmy

Ley 29 note 5   1 foot murky water with oily film. Todd Cienga tank looked

Note 1 govinia canyon flowing water in places

Ley 28 note 1  windmill fixed, tank clear and full. Windmill outlet
unreachable, water pulled from the tank.

Ley 27 note 5  spring no good pipe disconnected, tanks murky with dead
animals decent water.5 mi north at jd pit tank

Note 7 tread complete, will be signed this summer, from a FS employee

Note 6 Dave, lookout till July, cool dude, leaves water out by lower cabin.
Good for a liter or two.

Ley 26 notes 1 and 3 good.

Happy hiking, Brooks
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