[Cdt-l] Pie Town to Grants water report

Greg Hammond hikergreg at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 17:49:24 CDT 2012

Arrived in Grants yesterday via the J Ley red route.  

From Yogi: The visitor center in Grants does not actually know anything about windmills.  Do not bother calling them.

Ley 25:
Note 1: good
One mile south of Note 2 is a new solar well.  The engineer who installed us told us to use it.  It produces wonderful clear water and is visible from the road to the east.  If it is not on, there is an obvious switch on the side of the panel.  

Ley 24:
Note 2: dry
Note 3: Full of muddy water, cow bones nearby.
Note 8: Great

Ley 23:
Note 4: Saw solar panels by a tank near the road with cows around it, so it is probably wet, but I did not need water and did not investigate.

Ley 22: 
Note 4 and 5: Dry tanks, no flow from wells.  The only water is from the Mumm's caches in this stretch.

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