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If anyone decides to use the Columbus Southern Terminus I recommend getting
in touch with Keith and Mary. Jessie and I felt much better about starting
after talking with him and caching some water. He took us for a drive the
day before we started and showed us the major landmarks to look for before
departing. This really helped when beginning to navigate. To top it off, he
called some of the folks on the trail where we could get water and let them
know we were coming. It was nice walking up to a house in the middle of
nowhere and being greeted by name.  Plus, he took us to two good Mexican
restaurants, and I will not hold the rueben against him (inside joke). The
price was definitely worth it and by the time he took us to Walmart (twice)
and to the water cache I am pretty sure he actually lost money, but he
seemed like a guy in it for the joy of meeting people. Obeachians gotta
stick together!!!!

Jessie and I have made it close to Mimbres and stayed at the Black Range
Lodge in Kingston. If you need a zero day this is the place. Great

Jeremy and Jessica
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