[Cdt-l] Be careful out there.... :O

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The fit is supposed to be tight between a properly paired CC and pot. I have
to use a stick or tent peg in a lower vent slot in order to separate the two
once cooking is done, but I've never had the slightest problem just sliding
the pot INTO the cone once the cone is over the burning stove.

I use the Esbit stove, so the cone's wind-shielding function is far more
critical to me than to an alcohol user. As soon as my tablet is burning
enough to keep going when I remove my lighter, I drop the cone over the
store, then watch through the top to be sure it really stays going before
inserting the pot. This QA step - which you avoid with alcohol - adds
vulnerability to my set-up

It may just be a difference in our techniques. Whatever works for you, or as
they say, YMMV.  :D

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> Now the caveats:
> Caldera cones have no side access point and cannot be installed over 
> the stove until AFTER the stove is fueled and ignited.
> Once installed over the burning stove, it is still very vulnerable to 
> being blown over until the pot and contents are on the cone.

Maybe because mine is still new, but the cone has to be put on the pot
before put over the stove. It is pretty much stuck to the pot and lifts off
the stove as one unit with the pot. I wouldn't be trying to light an alcohol
stove if the wind is blowing so hard the stove might blow away anyway. But
it's nice to have the stove fully enclosed with the cone.

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