[Cdt-l] Be careful out there.... :O

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I always put a piece of aluminum foil under my Caldera Cone Stove just in case. When it gets old and tired I ask for a new one at a sub shop. Yes, put the pan on the cone before lighting the stove. 3 thru-hikes with no issues. 

I also use a bottle that pre-measures the alcohol. Search for "Alcohol Fuel Bottle" at Campmor. It's $5. Never use too much or too little alcohol again.

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>> Now the caveats:
>> Caldera cones have no side access point and cannot be installed  
>> over the
>> stove until AFTER the stove is fueled and ignited.
>> Once installed over the burning stove, it is still very vulnerable  
>> to being
>> blown over until the pot and contents are on the cone.
>Maybe because mine is still new, but the cone has to be put on the  
>pot before put over the stove. It is pretty much stuck to the pot and  
>lifts off the stove as one unit with the pot. I wouldn't be trying to  
>light an alcohol stove if the wind is blowing so hard the stove might  
>blow away anyway. But it's nice to have the stove fully enclosed with  
>the cone.
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