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I was hoping there was someone that I could ask and receive instant
gratification for all thigs CDT related. Thank goodness a savior has
arrived !!!!! I am sure everyone who has thru-hiked and started from a
place other than Crazy Cook will instantly return the experience (per your
rule book) and restart. Again, thank you for being the "Oz" of all things

Where can I get a copy of your rule book?


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> *rules manual? lmao *
>  **
> *Keith and Mary*
> *Deming, NM*
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>  I'm not a CDT expert, but I think if you look in the "Thru Hiker Rules
> Manual" it clearly states a Thru hike of the CDT does not count unless you
> pay BIG bucks and start or end your hike from Crazy Cook.
> Can anyone back me up on this?
> Blister
> AT - 2006
> PCT - 2011
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>> If anyone decides to use the Columbus Southern Terminus I recommend
>> getting in touch with Keith and Mary. Jessie and I felt much better about
>> starting after talking with him and caching some water. He took us for a
>> drive the day before we started and showed us the major landmarks to look
>> for before departing. This really helped when beginning to navigate. To top
>> it off, he called some of the folks on the trail where we could get water
>> and let them know we were coming. It was nice walking up to a house in the
>> middle of nowhere and being greeted by name.  Plus, he took us to two good
>> Mexican restaurants, and I will not hold the rueben against him (inside
>> joke). The price was definitely worth it and by the time he took us to
>> Walmart (twice) and to the water cache I am pretty sure he actually lost
>> money, but he seemed like a guy in it for the joy of meeting people.
>> Obeachians gotta stick together!!!!
>> Jessie and I have made it close to Mimbres and stayed at the Black Range
>> Lodge in Kingston. If you need a zero day this is the place. Great
>> breakfast.
>> Jeremy and Jessica
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