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We just picked a couple up from Doc Campbell's and took them back to the 150 road/Wall Lake Road where they can pick up the CDT trail and head to Pie Town.  The trail is closed past the cliff dwellings and Hot Springs.  The fire has gotten really huge so take care.  There were some hikers planning to take the east fork and head to the CDT trail, a much longer trek.

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   1. Gila Fire..... (Chad Sullivan)


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just writing to find out if there are any other CDT hikers in silver
city right now trying to hike the CDT north. Does anyone have a
suggestion on hiking around this area?  It is still open upto the
cliff dwellings but closed north and west of that. has anyone hiked
the east fork river? was thinking of hiking that north and then
connecting with another trail....any help or suggestions would be



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