[Cdt-l] fires in the gila's

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We woke up in smoke this morning in the GIla Canyon south of Doc's. At Doc's we ran in to fire fighters who said that the fire is now 152000 acres and still 0% contained. We were planning on hiking the east fork up to FR150 and then catch the CDT up north, but since the CDT makes a sharp turn west to go around the Plains of San Augustine it will put hikers in a questionable area. It's not closed yet but the fire and the smoke is constantly heading north east. It was not pleasant to hike in smoke and we were only in inversion and not really thick smoke.. So that, in combination to that we don't have any way to communicate and know how the fire is moving when we're out there, made us decide to go around to Pie Town by other means then foot... sad decision.. But the people at Doc's said that the Gila is nice in October too so we'll have to jump back then. 
Best Wishes
Kristina and Redbull

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Actually, the CDT IS open.  The alternate route up the Middle Fork of the Gila is not.

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the gila's have pretty much been closed down - will be interesting to see when the cdt opens - the FS has to go through and take down the "widow makers" and do rehab work - over 130,000 acres burned with no containment in sight

look for the whiewater-baldy and the wagon tongue fire complexes


Keith and Mary

Deming, NM
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