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Brooks Wilson wilson.brooks at gmail.com
Wed May 30 07:54:45 CDT 2012

I disagree with bretts analysis of the Gila fire. I was working there in
2003 for the dry lakes complex. It was one of the largest fires in state
history. If my memory is correct it was burning in a lot if these same
areas.  There was some flooding, but the plants came back. Here's an
article from high country news about fires in the Gila:

Fire use isn't a term you'll hear much anymore because people don't like it
when those burn out of control, but less aggressive fire suppression
tactics are beneficial.

Also, the fire hasn't reached the middle fork and only the upper reaches of
the west fork and is still a ways from the dwellings. I don't think doc
Campbell or anyone needs to worry about being washed away. If you want to
keep track on the progress of the fire, check inciweb:

And just like as in Yellowstone, it wasn't game over for the ecosystem. the
first bounced back quicker then anyone thought.

Fire is not the end of an ecosystem, just a phase it goes through.
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