[Cdt-l] Veil of mystery lifted

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Fri Nov 9 17:38:56 CST 2012

You might be right. Maybe I should just stay home and watch all the videos.
After all , it's all been captured so well. There's no need to make another
film or bother hiking I guess. NOT!
On Nov 9, 2012 6:33 PM, "lynne whelden" <lwgear at juno.com> wrote:

> I chuckled at Wander's statement about the CDT being a mysterious trail
> that needs a picture taken every 10 seconds to unveil its nature.
> I shot a documentary called "Overexposed" that was released less than a
> year ago. My end-to-end hike of the CDT covers each and every day--136
> total. Rather than portraying the trail as an animated film that would have
> fewer "frames per second" than the silent films of the late 1800s, mine
> devotes a minimum of 30 seconds, and often more than 2 minutes, to each
> day, along with glorious natural sound. The viewer can soak up the sounds
> and pictures for a truly transcendent experience that offers something
> different from most music video shows.
> I'm not being critical. I'm just saying a number of projects over the
> years have captured the trail and explained its nature. There's nothing new
> under the sun.
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