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Sat Nov 10 23:41:17 CST 2012

“And so it goes” !

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! (Maybe you are too young to get the reference-- Kurt Vonnegut- a favorite of my grandfather!)


"Expect more people on the PCT in next 3-5 yrs" - Mags

They will all be on mountain bikes!

On Nov 10, 2012 7:02 PM, "Paul Magnanti" <pmags at yahoo.com> wrote:

> >>Think of the hundreds (thousands even) of people who tried to explain
> the AT experience before Bill Bryson
> >>came out with his best selling "A Walk in the Woods" I doubt there will
> ever be such a universal embrace
> >>of someone's trail description to that extent again.****
> WILD by Cheryl Strayed is definitely in this mold for the PCT.
> Became the first choice for Oprah's reborn  book club and has sold oodles
> of copies (including being on the NYT best seller
> list)
> .
> Expect more people on the PCT in next 3-5 yrs (much like Bryson did for
> the AT)

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