[Cdt-l] Black Range resupply options

Len Glassner len5742 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:21:45 CST 2012

For any one contemplating supply points along the Black Range route,
and using Yogi's guide to do so, I just thought I'd point out the
following, which took me a lengthy contemplation to figure out:  The
designated CDT crosses highway 35 forty-four miles north of Silver
City.   It crosses at Sapillo Campground.  This is about a mile south
of 'Trail 96', noted on page 164 of the town guide. This gives access
to the resources listed on that page.  So you have the possibility of
mailing a box to Lynnae or Mimbres, or...  This still leaves a hefty
172 mile food haul to get to 'hard hitch' Reserve, but that's better
than an additional 44 from Silver City.

Farther north, can anyone testify to hitching into Winston via 59/52?
Is there even less traffic on 59 than on the road to Reserve?

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