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Nice to know that in the absence of CDTA, there are still people doing good
work out there.  Very cool. 




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We just returned from 3 weeks in Montana after hiking a number of new trail
alignments that were completed this year.  


Bannack Pass to 3 miles north of Deadman Lake.  (Maps 23-24)  

New trail is now complete. Well marked, easy to follow.  No confusion here. 


Goldstone Pass to Berry Creek  (the Cowbone Lake mess)  Maps 37-38)  

New trail is now complete.  Joins old route at about mile 16.7.  This is
well marked,  easy to follow trail.  It takes one of the worst places on the
Montana CDT and turns it into one of the nicest hikes.  Also creates a long
dry segment between Lemhi Pass and a stream crossing at Jahnke Creek.  Take
enough water to go 25 miles.   


Konda TH to Champion Pass via Four Corners.  Maps 66 - 68  

New trail was opened this year eliminating a long roadwalk.  It is well
marked.  Additional new trail is scheduled for completion next year between
Champion Pass and Leadville. 


Bison Mountain. (Map 71) 

This piece of trail was actually finished when we did the original map.  We
walked by a totally unmarked intersection heading north.  It is still
unmarked, but I built a small cairn there and scratched "CDT" on a rock.
This is at a point just north of waypoint 19_44.5 on map 71.  Once on the
trail, it is well marked and easy to follow.  The trail rejoins the old
route on map 71 at waypoint 19_50RL.  That intersection has a sign pointing
up the old route, so if you are hiking SOBO, you should turn left instead of
right at this intersection.  The new piece of trail is nice, and hopefully
the USFS will get the signs straightened out soon.  


Homestake to Maude-S  (Maps 63-65) 

This piece of trail is no finished as far a the statue of Our Lady above
Butte, where it dead ends.  Plans seem to indicate that it will be finished
next year.  We mapped new trail from Homestake Pass to a connection down
Maude-S Canyon into Butte.  It is spectacular trail and is getting a lot of
local traffic.  For now hikers should continue to use the roadwalk past
Delmoe Lake.  


Sawmill Creek TH (Map 21)  The mapping crew incorrectly followed some
obsolete markers heading NOBO when we originally mapped this piece. It was
marked up one trail going north and down another going south.  (The
southbound alignment is 1.7 miles shorter and is correct.)  We re-mapped it
this year in the correct alignment.  The offending marker has been removed
at the Sawmill TH.  When hiking NOBO, hikers should go west from the Sawmill
TH (waypoint 05_25.3 AP)  200' and cross the creek, then turn right and
uphill immediately.  Once you get on it follow the trail up the ridge to
where it joins the old line at waypoint 05_30.5 GT. 


There are two new alignments in Wyoming as well.


On map 17 north of Rawlins, the turnoff at waypoint 06_13.0 RL is on private
property and has been relocated about 600' further north along the highway.
It is at a large solar panel mounted on a pole.  


New trail is being finished now that gets hikers off of the road at Lake Of
the Woods on Map 50.  The new trail follows the south shore of the lake and
rejoins the old route at 16_02.0 RR.  



I am post-processing the gps data now and new waypoint files for all these
changes will posted when finished.  Look for the new MT and WY Mapbooks
around the middle of November.   New Mexico is done and I am waiting for a
proof copy so those should be available in a week or so.  Colorado should be
ready in November as well.  



best wishes,


Jerry Brown (bearcreek)


mailto:bcss at bresnan.net



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