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JD, I am very interested in doing this.  I have not yet started looking at
resupply points.  I have the CDTS guides that start or end south of
Columbus.  but I am open to change on that point.  I just would rather hike
with someone that hike alone.  I have done a lot of soloing, it is just more
enjoyable to hike with someone.


I am not a 20 miler any more- take what the day gives.  I prefer to do as
little hyway hiking as possible.  I don't mind 2-tracks- and I have the


Looking forward to discussing this more with you.  If we want push on and go
into Colorado- that is an option.


But for now I just want to get NM done.  one 700 miles at a time.


I live in AZ- its now time for me to do this section of the CDT.  


-Doug (Trew)


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What guide would you use for that approximately 700-miles?  Have you figured
your resupply locations and average time between resupplies?  I'm good with
paying local CDT shuttle people to bring resupplies to a road crossing to
avoid having to go off trail, hitch-hiking etc.  April 1 works for me.
Seems like an average of 11-12 miles per day.



On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 9:51 PM, Doug Carlson <doug-sue at centurylink.net>

My first goal is to hike New Mexico before it gets hot.  "Early" would be
around April 1.   I have no plan for Colorado at this time.  2 months for
New Mexico.  That would be nice.


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you should state what "early" is to you - the earliest we have had nobo's
leave from columbus is april 1st and they had to flip flop when they hit the
san juans - we have had people leave anywhere between 4/1 and 5/15



Deming, NM


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I am 63, male- no speedster and I am looking for a partner to start a nobo
hike of NM in early 2013.  I am interested in following the CDTS route but I
am willing to negotiate the route.  


Male or female companion would be fine.  I have references.





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