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This sort of thing is always neat to behold from an entertainment perspective; not sure how genuinely beneficial it'd be for future hikers, though it might be motivational!

One shot every 10 seconds would be way overkill, though. I might suggest one shot for every hour of hiking, which might net you 80-100 stills per week. After the hike, edit each week's images to fit a timespan of a minute's worth of video, yielding a full video length of perhaps 15-20 minutes. I can't imagine being able to stomach much more than that, given the quick cuts between each shot. Nor could I imagine being able to sit through a slower movie than ran for much longer than that, at least while only staring at fleeting images without narration or some other form of stimulation. 

Even at one image per hour of hiking, don't underestimate the extra determination and logistics it'd take to keep that up over the course of 4 or 5 months of walking, even if the process were largely automated. On the CDT, the walk itself is plenty challenging in its own right.

All that said, it would be neat to see such a project for each of the triple crown trails. So good luck bringing it to fruition on the CDT with the support of the community.


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Hello, my name is Shay, but many of you know me as Wander. I hiked the AT
in 2009 and the PCT in 2010. And as we all know you hike 1 or 3. So I'm
starting my planning for my CDT hike, but I want to do something that has
never been done before and will help out the trail community. But I need
your help in doing so. I want to create a time lapse of the CDT, taking 1
picture every 10 seconds. I don't have the exact route planned yet, but I'm
planning on hiking Northbound starting at Columbus. I want tho create this
as a resource for the community. For people that have hiked the CDT and
want to relive it. For people that are planning on hiking it and want to
see what it's like. Or people that would love to hike it but because of
reasons are unable to at this time.

I need your help to get the equipment for this project. I am not asking for
anything to help me pay for the hike, and I'm not asking for help to make
money. This will just cover the cost of equipment and afterwards I would
love to provide it to the community.

I am not trying to break any records in doing this so, just want to add to
the information out there for a trail that is not very well known and
covered in a veil of mystery.
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