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I certainly sympathize with those Luddites among us, but I am certainly not
one of that philosophy.   Personally, I hiked NM using the Ley Maps and a
compass, then the rest of the trail with Bearcreak Maps and a gps. The NM
hike was often frustrating, the rest much less so.  I have grown quite fond
of the gps and good maps.  Nice to get where you are going without
constantly worrying about following the correct route.  I always carried a
ATT cell phone which worked in some places and not in others.  My hiking
partner for Colorado had a Verizon phone and it worked in more places than
my ATT.     




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I still vote for no cell phone on a long hike.  I know this is not what this
discussion is about, but I'm hi-jacking it for a moment to send out my
thoughts.  The CDT is completely doable without a phone and you can get in
touch with people via payphones about every week or more.  I spent $40 on a
phone card (pindance.com) and it got me through the entire trip, calling
from each town stop.  If you feel the need to have an emergency out then get
a Spot.  Cell phones aren't reliable enough for this.


Also, while I'm nay-saying things I would love to say that GPS' are totally
unneccesary as well.  This trail is so do-able with Ley's maps and a
compass.  I had Yogi's older edition planning guide when I was getting ready
and it had a few (Savant in particular) people who said they didn't use a
GPS and loved it.  That gave me the motivation to be able to attept it
without, but her updated planning guide doesn't shine light on that opinion
nearly as much.  I only met three other hikers without a GPS this past year.

Ok, kyboshing is over now.  Back to work.





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Fwiw, this was also my experience on the pct, a whopping 5 years ago so
coverage has probably gotten even better since then.




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On Oct 23, 2012, at 6:59 AM, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com> wrote:

I disagree.  Sure, there were times when we had neither Verizon nor ATT
service on the trail.  But if I had to guess, I would suspect I might have
had ATT service fewer than 10 times during the 3 months from Canada to
central Colorado.  When I *did* have service, it was usually "out of
network".  Matt virtually always had Verizon service.  I'm talking about
service on the trail, not in towns.  

Usually, we both had service in towns.  I do remember there was not Verizon
service in Encampment WY.

www.pcthandbook.com <http://www.pcthandbook.com/> 

On Oct 23, 2012 8:47 AM, "Josie" <josie1066 at gmail.com> wrote:

We're section hikers (Canada to Colorado so far). We were told by the locals
ahead of time and found it to be true, that Verizon works great in Montana
but in Wyoming it doesn't work well--AT&T is much better there. -Jo
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