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Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:59:47 CDT 2012

"I had Yogi's older edition planning guide when I was getting
ready and it had a few (Savant in particular) people who said they didn't
use a GPS and loved it.  That gave me the motivation to be able to attept
it without, but her updated planning guide doesn't shine light on that
opinion nearly as much.  I only met three other hikers without a GPS this
past year.

Ok, kyboshing is over now.  Back to work.


I was also surprised when i saw that i was the only one in Yogi's updated
guide that did not use GPS.

Like you, i had a copy of her older guide to prepare for my CDT adventure
and i took heart in Savant's advice as well.

It helped push me towards the decision to ditch my GPS the day before my
hike and I did not regret that descision.

There were times when i would have gladly used a GPS, such as Sheridan Pass
Wyoming, but in the end I still found my way.

Actually, for my next hike i am seriously considering ditching the cell
phone too.
There were plenty of opportunities to update journals and send email to
family and friends in towns along the CDT.

You know something wierd? I actually found more computers and better
internet connections on the CDT than on the AT.

Of course i am not inplying anything about those who use Cell phones or GPS
in what i have said. To each their own.

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