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How about no phone and no phone card (there aren't any pay phones anymore)? Just Yogie someone else's phone if and when you see someone else on the Trail. Mini Mart

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Both Why Not and I had Verison on the CDT this summer and as Yogi notes, we had coverage in many places I never would have thought possible.  If you're going to get a phone or smart phone for the trip and changing plans is not an issue, Verison is the one for the backcountry.  Granted, lots of time we had no service, but then suddenly we'd have it in the middle of nowhere.  

For us is was fun to have the connection and as each of us had a smart phone, when we got service we'd usually sit down in the trail and have "office hour."  Clearly not for everyone and something I'd never done on trail before, but it turned out to be a lot of fun to answer emails from folks we cared about from some of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Each to his own.  I've spent my life hiking and backpacking without any connection, and loved it, but this was great too.  Something new.


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