[Cdt-l] Trail from Marias Pass to East Glacier

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The road is 12.2 miles.  The trail is 15.5.  I thought it was a ok hike when
we did it.    


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Take it : great views + wildlife.

Le lundi 3 septembre 2012, Scott Williams a écrit :

After 3 warnings about the trail from Marias Pass into East Glacier Park I
thought it best to share them.  "Don't take it!" from Ranger, who did.  "The
worst most overgrown trail in Glacier.  Don't take it!"  From the
backcountry permit ranger at Two Medicine.  "The worst trail of the trip."
>From Brown Bag, who just hiked in on it this morning.  Thank God I road
walked/slack packed it into East Glacier Park because I was hungry two days
ago as the road is almost half the distance.

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