[Cdt-l] New Mexico Mapping Report and Trail Changes

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Thanks for all your hard work, Jerry. It's much appreciated. 

By the way, I happened to dig up my GPS track of the new Lagunitas-Brazos section. Superimposing the Bearcreek waypoints, I see that I wasn't too far off the mark after all. Doesn't take much to flummox in heavy forest like that, though. 

Here's a jpg map with my track and the Bearcreek waypoints: http://bit.ly/PHpTNV

Zooming in on just the Lagunitas area shows the areas I (nobo) found confusing enough to stop and poke around a bit. Note the spaghetti tracking at Upper Lagunitas, plus some fuzziness down by the lake, as shown here: http://bit.ly/RJ4eEz


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It IS a bit unclear where to get started due to lack of markings on the roads.  Heading north, the new trail turns off of the road before the lower campground and  just before the forest service cabin. (Waypoint 31_008) The trail goes between the lakes (31_009), to the upper CG and passes through the highest campsite (31_012).  Once past the CG it is easy to follow.   There is a gps waypoint for a gate 1000’ north (31_014).  The trail is adequately marked once you get on it.     I made 12 waypoints for that piece.  Southbound would be hard without a gps.  The trail stops 500 feet short of the road near Brazos Ridge.  I put a gps point on the road where you turn off, and another where the trail begins. (31_051 and 31_050)  There is no marker, cairn, or anything else at the road.  Hikers will have to navigate 500’ to get on it.  If you miss it, then you will see the trail where it crosses the road 1.3 miles further down (31_038).
  It’s not marked, but is obvious.   Just take a left and it will lead you to the CG.    My guess is that after all the navigation challenges people typically have on the CDT that this won’t seem that tough.    This, and all the other changes described in my previous post will be clearly shown in the new Mapbooks due out in November.    best wishes,  Jerry Brownmailto:bcss at bresnan.netwww.bearcreeksurvey.com 
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