[Cdt-l] New Mexico Mapping Report and Trail Changes

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For non-GPS users, it's still possible to benefit from waypoints, but especially from tracks, by importing them into mapping software, in order to overlay them on the topos, then printing and carrying these maps (or at least those maps that might augment Jonathan Ley's maps in areas where new trail is in the works and so forth). In this way, you're not using the overt coordinate data, but you can see it on the maps and use it along with the other map features to aid navigation. Obviously tracks are superior to waypoints in this regard, since you get to see a continuous route line rather than just connect-the-dots. (Waypoints may be superior to tracks for GPS users in some cases, like when you're trying to navigate to a particular location / point-of-interest. Ideally, you'd have both on a map, with occasional waypoints, relegated to the role of POI / data book locations.)


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Bearcreek - is there any way you can talk to the FS people about not signing sections that are incomplete?  In 2006 we followed several sections of brand new trail that left us high and dry after a while.  On the AT, they build trail from the middle out, and only connect new sections to the existing trail when there is a complete passage.  After about the third time on the CDT where we were abandoned in the middle of a bog,  we stopped following any trail that we didn't have a good map for.  Eventually we always went back to Jim Wolf's routes, because we knew they would actually exist.
Also - some of us don't use gps.  And gps has its limits when the terrain is very steep or brushy.  It's not the magic answer some people assume.


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