[Cdt-l] Mustang Fire Complex Forest Closure - Pyramid Peak-Lost Trail ID/MT

Pete E. Michelinie michelinie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 12:14:24 CDT 2012

Greetings from Anaconda, MT

I just finished walking around this closure with a heads up from Gary
Swing, the last southbounder (section hiker) that I will probably see.  He
said the closure was just south of Lost Trail / Chief Joseph Pass, and when
he got to it the only option was to bushwhack down *towards* the fire and
into Gibbonsville, which has since been evacuated I believe...

So for my re-route: about 60 miles north from Leadore at Goldstone Pass I
walked the Ley purple path down the 4x4 road where it connects with a much
more heavily used gravel road about 5 miles down.  From there it's about 15
miles north / northeast to Jackson, MT.  There you can soak in the hot
spring for $6 and camp in the back yard of Rose's Canteena if you promise
to eat breakfast there the next morning (which was excellent, filling and
cheap!).  From Jackson it's an 18 mile walk north on the highway to Wisdom,
MT.  I camped in the American Legion Memorial Park, where there were no
signs telling me not to.  It's just a 1/4 mile up towards Chief Joseph Pass
on Hwy-43.  Then it's another 18 mile walk on a gravel road to Mussigbrod
Lake.  You walk up Lower North Fork Rd for 9 miles then turn left on a road
just 1/4 mile after you pass Upper North Fork Road.  Don't take Upper North
Fork Road though, you don't want that one.  From Mussigbrod Lake it's a
nicely maintained 4 mile trail to reconnect back with the CDT.  I navigated
using compass bearings off of a free Montana travel map!  My only wish was
that I had more detail of the gravel roads.  I think I could have shortened
the walk a little by cutting through some pasture and powerlines.  Those
gravel road lines are pretty jagged.

The re-route nicely swings you around the danger/closure area.  Even though
the trail isn't ablaze I'm quite sure most of us hikers, especially NOBO's
in Montana, don't have an extra $5,000 to pay the fine if you get caught in
that area.

I hope this helps.  How many more hikers are there heading north?  I'm

Pete "Furniture" Michelinie

Pete E. Michelinie, Furniture Maker.
   | http://www.michelinie.com |

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Warren, Greg -FS <gwarren at fs.fed.us> wrote:

> The Forest Service has implemented a fire closure for an area along the
> CDT from Pyramid Peak to Lost Trail Pass along the Idaho/Montana border.
>  Information on the Mustang Fire Complex can be found online at:
> http://inciweb.org/incident/3100/.  See "Mustang Complex Emergency Area
> Closure #04-13-12-534" and "Mustang Complex Emergency Area Closure #
> 04-13-12-533."
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