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Pete E. Michelinie michelinie at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 14:43:50 CDT 2012

Hello from East Glacier Park, MT

Furniture here, writing to fill all you remaining NOBO's in on the details
of finishing.  Here are the two important things I've learned that changed
my course:

- The Chief Mountain point of entry is CLOSED for the season this coming
Sunday.  That means no cars or foot traffic through either way, so if you
want to finish in Waterton you have to either backtrack a bunch or fly out
of Calgary.  It also means there will be less traffic for hitching a ride
from Chief Mountain, though the Belly River trail head is right there, so
there will be some traffic.

- The Ptarmigan Tunnel is CLOSED for the season tomorrow, so don't think
about going through that thing.  They say the view north from Redgap Pass
is better than the tunnel, so that's a plus.

Sorry to bear the bad news, but those be the ropes.  Onto the good news:

- The Autumn Creek Trail has been worked on a bunch lately and was fine
walking.  There were crews on it yesterday and the whole week prior.  I,
however, didn't hike the first half of it from Marias Pass.  I instead kept
on trail 101 from the Two Medicine River  and did some
x-country/trespassing (you know, one last hurrah for old times sake) over
to the Fireband Pass trail, which connects to the Autumn Creek trail 7
miles from town.  Nothing overgrown, no problems.

- After October 1st the permits in the park are FREE!! Go spend that extra
$25 on a hearty meal here in town.  Great food at Serrano's and the Two
Medicine Grill.

That's it from here.  I hope all you northbound folk are loving this late
Summer here.  Sounds like we have a week or so before it starts to turn


Pete E. Michelinie, Furniture Maker.
   | http://www.michelinie.com |
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