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I think I was wrong there about the border closure back there.  I guess you
could look into coming back into the States from the port of entry just
south of Cardston, AB.  I think that's the Port of Piegan.  It's the next
crossing to the east from Chief Mountain.

So maybe the kybosh isn't fully upon a Waterton finish after all!  Look
into it if you want to go that route.


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On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 1:43 PM, Pete E. Michelinie <michelinie at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello from East Glacier Park, MT
> Furniture here, writing to fill all you remaining NOBO's in on the details
> of finishing.  Here are the two important things I've learned that changed
> my course:
> - The Chief Mountain point of entry is CLOSED for the season this coming
> Sunday.  That means no cars or foot traffic through either way, so if you
> want to finish in Waterton you have to either backtrack a bunch or fly out
> of Calgary.  It also means there will be less traffic for hitching a ride
> from Chief Mountain, though the Belly River trail head is right there, so
> there will be some traffic.
> - The Ptarmigan Tunnel is CLOSED for the season tomorrow, so don't think
> about going through that thing.  They say the view north from Redgap Pass
> is better than the tunnel, so that's a plus.
> Sorry to bear the bad news, but those be the ropes.  Onto the good news:
> - The Autumn Creek Trail has been worked on a bunch lately and was fine
> walking.  There were crews on it yesterday and the whole week prior.  I,
> however, didn't hike the first half of it from Marias Pass.  I instead kept
> on trail 101 from the Two Medicine River  and did some
> x-country/trespassing (you know, one last hurrah for old times sake) over
> to the Fireband Pass trail, which connects to the Autumn Creek trail 7
> miles from town.  Nothing overgrown, no problems.
> - After October 1st the permits in the park are FREE!! Go spend that extra
> $25 on a hearty meal here in town.  Great food at Serrano's and the Two
> Medicine Grill.
> That's it from here.  I hope all you northbound folk are loving this late
> Summer here.  Sounds like we have a week or so before it starts to turn
> seasonable.
> Love,
> Furniture
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